Ladies Ramsdale


Ladies AGM 2024 Minutes

At 1pm Lynne Moon Started the meeting, First item on the agenda was agreeing to last year’s meeting/minutes. Everyone was in agreement there were no issues.

Moved on to the apologies of the missing members,

  • Lynne gave the floor to the Treasurer – Stefanie Hey, explained the accounts are in the green, with a positive balance of £111.43.
  • Centre Manager Teresa, explained it was her Fourth AGM and has already written a full report on the club, but explained a few things. The new kitchen within the club, moving the club into an eco-friendly.
  • Competition secretary Harriet Soar, thanked Carole Lilley for the amazing work she has done in getting Ramsdale ladies back into the bronze league. She also explains herself and Doreen are wanting the section to be in the silver league in 2025. Harriet explains the weekday ladies are not having their own eclectic.
  • Lynne then explains she is no longer going to stay at Ramsdale and thanked everyone especially Doreen who she introduced as Lady Captain.
  • Doreen Handed our new award out for most improved player,Heidi Boyle.
  • Then moved to Proposals, it was agreed to have a later tee time in the winter,
  • It was also agreed to have the Club championships played 1st day on a weekday and 2nd day at the weekend, no extra cost to weekday members.
  • It was also agreed that the pairs competition this year will be pick your own and next year will be names picked at random.
  • It was also agreed the section will go cashless, not 100% sure on how yet.
  • Then new committee members were voted in. Sue Brant, Alison Ward, Heidi Boyle and Liz Beswick.

Other business – Georgina Stevenson asked if the ladies could have another place for the 6th winter mats or if the ladies could carry on using the tee box. Linda Boston would also like someone to step in and shadow her this year so she is able to pass the friendly games on to another. Ramune Shepherd asked for a letter or some sort of information about the competitions and rules. Doreen closed the meeting at 2.05pm