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Committee Meeting 12/7/2022




Chairman: Lynne Moon Lady Captain

Vice Captain : Doreen Musgrove

Vice Captain: Sharon Insley

Social Secretary: Anne Boucher

Bronze League secretary: Georgina Stevenson


1. Presentation Lunch to take place 17/11 following a 9 hole competition

2.Social events – Going forward if anyone has an idea for a social event, open it up to everyone via WhatsApp ie 20/20 theatre / cinema, Anne will still organise  weekends away and Christmas lunch

3. Stableford Final / Medal Final  – will now be open to everyone no limitations on number of comps entered to be fully inclusive Medal to take place 13/9 Stableford on the 27/9


4. Trophy Audit – still outstanding / key to be located

5. Any other business

Finance of the section is steadily increasing thanks to the ladies entering the 9 hole and 18 hole competitions and paying the entry fee

A total of £1220 has been raised for Maggie’s this will be presented on the 6/8 which is the charity evening

Anne Boucher will shortly be collecting the balance for Shrigley Hall

Due to the amount of WhatsApp notifications received when celebrating a members birthday, going forward  Di will wish them “happy birthday” on behalf of all members, if you want to offer individual congratulations  please message direct.

Date for next meeting 23/8



Committee Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

17th May 2022


  • LYNNE MOON                               CHAIRMAN & LADY CAPTAIN  
  • SHARON INSLEY                          MEDIA SECRETARY &  VICE CAPTAIN
  • LINDA BOSTON.                           FRIENDLIES SECRETARY
  • ANNE FLEMING                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



  • MARIA WARD                               TREASURER    
  • MARY BROWN.                             TROPHY SECRETARY                                                                                                                                                   


Lynne Moon opened the meeting as per the agenda the following points were discussed.

1. Going forward it has been agreed that the competition fees can now be paid online,  information regarding this will be updated on the ladies website

2. In Maria’s absence Lynne discussed the treasury report, the bank balance currently stands at £922.53, it was agreed that efforts must be made to increase the funds, primarily competition fees to increase as detailed below. In addition we also have an amount of £320 which was raised for the captains drive in.

3. It was agreed that the standard competition fee ie stableford/medal should increase to £3, special competitions will increase to £5. Going forward it will also be possible to participate in a 9 hole competition if you don’t want to play in the 18 hole,  a minimum of 3 players will be required

4. It was agreed that the trophy audit will take place when Mary Brown and Sue Brant are both available

5. With regards to the Ping competition, it was decided that this should be re-visited in a couple of weeks time

6. The committee agreed that the Ladies awards should be included in the General Club Presentation evening on the 12th November 2022

7. The ladies Christmas dinner, it was agreed that further discussions should take place with Anne Boucher present

8. The subject of a social welfare Secretary was considered, however after discussion it was agreed that this role was being covered by the members

9. The committee agreed that the Ramsdale Challenge due to take place on the 24/5 would be replaced by a Texas Scramble or multiplyer depending upon entry numbers

10. Lynne Moon closed the meeting with an agreed date for the next meeting 12th July, after the Club Championship