Knockout Rules 2024

Entry is based on each entrant having a minimum of 5 Qualifiers in the previous playing season. 

General play and initial 3 cards for handicap do not count.

It is the responsibility of both sides to contact their opponents.

When discussing dates of play with your opponent both weekend and weekday dates should be offered and agreed. 

Failure to agree will result in both sides being disqualified.

Contact your opponent early in the month to ensure availability of both sides especially in the peak periods.

All rounds to be played off Red Tees.

Results are to be given to Harriet Soar Competition Secretary.


   Singles – Full Difference 

   Pairs – 90% of Course Handicap – Lowest handicap adjusted to Zero,

   All other players lose the same number of shots


EG: Player One:  Playing handicap 20 @ 90% = 18

Player Two:         Playing handicap 30 @ 90% = 27

Player Three:      Playing handicap 22 @ 90% = 20

Player Four:       Playing handicap 26 @ 90% = 23


Player one (person with lowest handicap) adjusted to Zero (Loss of 18 shots)

Player two adjusted to 9 (27-18 = 9) 

Player three adjusted to 2 (20-18 =2)

Player Four adjusted to 5 (23-18 = 5)






Updated: 26th April 2024 — 7:07 am